Setup two-factor authentication for offsite users.

It’s on the "Edit User Settings” page.

The OTP or “one-time password” is a security device to require 2-factor authorization to log in. There is a checkbox on the edit user page for this. Actually there are two check boxes, one for when staff tries to log in from off-site, and one when staff tries to log-in on site. The on-site check box is checked by default so OTP is not required on-site for a new user.

The relevant checkbox says "Allow Onsite Access without 2 factor authentication (last auth: )” and "Allow OFFSITE Access without 2 factor authentication (last auth: )”.

If these boxes are checked, then the one-time PW is NOT required. If the boxes are not checked, then the OTP is required. There is free software for smartphones that generates this OTP. We use this feature for off-site log-ins to increase security. My staff that logs in from off-site has this free software on their smartphone, and it has a secret key and PIN number that the system also knows about, so it recognizes the OTP that is generated and allows them in. In effect, in this way the system requires that they know the username, password, and have their phone with them in order to log in successfully.

Turn this off by clicking on the checkboxes. 

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