Our EMR system is better - here's how.

Don’t get lost in the maze of EHR's — let MediYeti guide your practice the simple, efficient, and intuitive way.

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Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

With an intuitive interface, MediYeti saves your practice thousands by cutting down on confusion during the workday.


Comprehensive Patient Chart

Means You Never Have to Click a Tab
MediYeti provides a complete chart on one page which  gives you all the information you need.
In 1 place.

    Patient Portal
    Eliminates Messy Paperwork

Our Patient Portal allows patients to fill out their paperwork before coming in. It goes straight to their note, saving your staff from endless paperwork.      And papercuts.

At-a-glance Schedule
Streamlines Workday

In one simple display, MediYeti Scheduling shows appointment status, assigned doctor, procedures needed, and location. Sound complex?
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Custom metrics, account support, and template charting makes MediYeti ideal for savvy practice managers. 


Metrics and Analytics

Help You Structure Your Practice

Ever wondered how to make your clinic run smoothly? Our data analysis makes it easy to track what providers are doing. Or not doing.

Dedicated Account Experts 
Ensure Your Software is Up to Snuff

Our 1-on-1 technical support is driven by in-house Account Experts, meaning their success is built on your success. Breathe easy.

Save Time
With Custom Charting

Personalized templates only show information relevant to the encounter so you can spend more time with patients. And your family after work.



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MediYeti's competitive price leaves you with more money for the things you need. 
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Everything Included

We always give you the latest updates to CPT and diagnosis codes. That means you’ll never pay for an upgraded database. Ever.

Maximize Profits


By combining billing with your EMR, MediYeti makes scrubbing claims a practical option for your clinic. Never lose a claim again.


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