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A Flexible EHR for Mental
Health and Case Management

MediYeti provides a customized solution for
our practice. They are responsive and intuitive
to our needs. Sending electronic claims allows
us to get paid more quickly than ever!


Mental Health Practice, Utah

Electronic claims. Paper records. Staff turnover. Long hours in the office. The solution?

Discover a breath of fresh air with MediYeti, an innovative, modular, customizable electronic health
record and billing system designed for mental health and case management professionals


Accelerate payments and improve employee efficiency with electronic claim submission and remittance advices. Maximize billing, collections, and reduce denials. Pair with the Client Portal to simplify claims and billing.

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Streamline appointments and calendaring with a fully integrated, customizable system. Color-code authorizations, open appointments, and insurance verification. Send and track appointment reminders.



Create and adjust templates with integrated standardized tests such as GAD-7 and PHQ-9. Use automatic time-stamping and authorization tracking. Complete clear, concise notes with just a few clicks to maximize reimbursements.



Access your MediYeti EHR using internet connectivity and mobile devices. Spend time where you are needed most and complete work in the office or on the go.



Simplify patient intake and improve front office productivity with an intuitive, friendly, secure portal. Automate information integration into patient records. Receive payments securely and quickly to provide accurate patient balance and cash flow details.



Initiate virtual visits via text or email, allowing patients to join immediately. Capture and integrate time stamped images into medical history. Provide all participants with a crisp, clear, and HIPAA compliant experience.



Unlock the potential of your practice with analytics to provide visibility into daily operations, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize resources. Capture essential data to improve revenue and patient care for a deeper view of financial results.



Partner with our experienced Utah-based team, available during your office hours, to provide same time zone, local
support. Our long-term, established relationship with UHIN and others provides optimal reimbursements for your practice.


Have to See It to Believe It?

We don’t blame you. Take yourself on an adventure and dive in to see how MediYeti can transform your practice.

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