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Easy Ordering With MediYeti ePrescribing

Send orders and prescriptions and see realtime pharmacy benefits.

e-Prescribing Module

MediYeti’s e-prescribing module is fully certified by Surescripts, enabling you to easily submit your scripts with the click of a button. Every prescription is sent with secure encryption, ensuring the safety of your patients’ medical information.

Write New Scripts in Just a Few Clicks

Pre-built templates make writing your prescriptions a breeze. Finalizing the details of your order is as easy as clicking a few checkboxes. Once you’ve reviewed your prescription, you can print, fax, or e-Prescribe from the same screen.

Track and Renew Existing Prescriptions

When managing a patient’s care in the long-term, many visits consist of follow-up and medication renewal. MediYeti’s simplified patient chart tracks all written prescriptions and allows you to save time by duplicating past prescriptions, and sending them out with any necessary tweaks.

Have to See It to Believe It?

Take yourself on an adventure and dive in to see how MediYeti can transform your practice.

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