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Quick and Easy Charting

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Save Time with Simplified Notes and Charting

Keeping up with encounter notes and charting can be a real headache. MediYeti’s customizable templates and transcription support simplify charting and encounter notes with just a few clicks. Say exactly what you need to say and complete each note in just a few minutes, so you can focus more on your patients and other obligations.

Step 1: Set up your medical charting templates

Every new MediYeti customer will receive support to create and implement all the charting templates they require. From a typical office visit to a more complex procedure, these templates can cover nearly all the basic needs, and allow room for multiple pre-written options for every line item. Ensure that your notes are clear, concise, and say what is necessary to get the most revenue from your work possible.

Step 2: Select your pre-built note options from your template

Getting your note off the ground is as easy as just a few clicks. Choose the appropriate template for the encounter type, then select your customization options from your custom-built checkbox list, and populate! The entire body of your note will be automatically generated, with few or no edits required. When all goes well, you could be done with all your charting just minutes after your last patient.

Step 3: Get the maximum reimbursement

Templated charting ensures that you say exactly what your insurance needs you to say. With just one click, MediYeti’s smart billing module will scan your templated note and automatically add the correct billing codes for insurance claims. You can adjust these as necessary, and send your EOB out the door faster than a yeti can hide.

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