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EHR Solutions that Adapt to Your Natural Habitat

At MediYeti, we provide efficient, affordable EHR solutions that fit your unique practice. See the customized solutions we have created to help you and your practice get out of the woods.

All-in-one EHR & Practice Management

Our practice management and EHR suite encompasses the entire patient journey. From scheduling the first appointment, to completing charts and notes, and all the way through billing and collections, your practice will run as smoothly as a gentle stream.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

Tired of your outdated O&P practice management and EHR software? Look no further! Unlike other solutions in the O&P Space, MediYeti was designed entirely to make it easy for you and your staff to navigate.

Family Practice

Whether you’ve been practicing for decades, or are just starting out, let MediYeti guide your practice, to strengthen your bottom line and improve your care.

Case Management

With MediYeti, you can easily track the time your case workers spend with each client and see their remaining units in real-time. Build claims automatically and bill them all together — with one click. Cut administrative time by up to 80%.

Chiropractic Suite

MediYeti is ideal for chiropractic and integrated wellness clinics alike because it includes dedicated charting modules that work equally well for chiro, medical, homeopathic, PT & OT clinicians. Care for your patients holistically while unifying your clinic’s scheduling, charting and billing across all specialties.

Have to See It to Believe It?

We don’t blame you. Take yourself on an adventure and dive in to see how MediYeti can transform your practice.

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