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Collect More with MediYeti’s Lossless Medical Billing

Discover how you could be earning more with our smart billing tool.

Collect More with Smart Medical Billing

Our intelligent billing module enables you to code, bill, and file claims for patient encounters easily and efficiently. Our process helps you minimize billing mistakes and maximize revenue. Get your maximum reimbursement for every patient encounter. Also collect patient payments simply through the patient schedule.

Coding made easy

With just one click, MediYeti’s smart billing module will scan your providers’ note and automatically add the correct billing codes for insurance claims. You can adjust these as necessary, and send your EOB out the door faster than a yeti can hide. Need to adjust for a new code? A simple change to your note templates will ensure you include the right codes every time.

Finally, you can see the forest for the trees.

MediYeti’s billing dashboard makes it easy to see your billing and collections progress. Easily create a list of patients whose accounts need attention, create reports for easy review by practice managers, and even leave notes for the front office to address when the patient is checking in. With MediYeti, you won’t lose track of a single account.

Receive patient payments directly through their chart

On top of sheltering your back-end billing and claims, MediYeti also covers your front-office payment needs. Easily take and log cash, check, or card payments directly from the schedule or patient’s chart. Billing and payment information will be updated across the system in real time.

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