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Easy Patient Scheduling and Practice Flow

Keep your practice running seamlessly from scheduling to check-out.

Simplify Your Patient Scheduling

Add a little more structure to your providers’ schedules with customizable schedule templates and an easy scheduling process. Our simple, color-coded calendar provides all the information you need with real-time patient updates. MediYeti’s efficient scheduling tool can get you to any key part of a patient’s chart in just one click.

Your schedule is your information hub

The patient schedule is being looked at by your providers and staff constantly. Shouldn’t it do more than just tell you who will be visiting next? Our patient schedule provides snippets of information to improve your patient flow. Learn who is visiting, what room they’re assigned, what type of visit they are expecting, whether there are any billing concerns, and more.

Get to nearly anywhere in just one click

To optimize the flow of your practice, we wanted to also optimize the flow of your practice management tool. Access just about any piece of information for a patient’s visit in just one click, including their chart, visit note, billing details, payment hub, contact information, visit history, and more. Stop waiting for four or five pages to load before you can access what you need.

Templated and color-coded for 20/20 visibility

It’s never been easier to manage and view your schedule. See exactly where your patient is at in the process with color-coded slots that get automatically updated at key moments in the patient flow. Add some structure to your day with scheduling templates to make sure you’re leaving the appropriate space for initial visits or procedures.

Have to See It to Believe It?

Take yourself on an adventure and dive in to see how MediYeti can transform your practice.

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